Positive Life Coaching Programs

Individual, Powerful and Confidential 

"You are creative, resourceful and whole right now! Knowing that, what is next?” 

Welcome to the world of personal, one-on-one POSITIVE life coaching! 

Behaviour change comes with commitment, repetition and motivation. Life coaching is designed to help you dig deeper to gain more clarity, focus and belief around your goals and desires so that you can begin to manifest exactly WHAT YOU WANT.

My brand of coaching is for you if you want to:

~ Learn to manage and reduce daily stress & anxiety.
~ Embrace life's changes like divorce, empty nest and grief.
~ Manage the important relationships in your life and work.

You will enter into a world where you are championed, challenged, held-accountable and motivated. This experience will be all about you and what you are capable of beyond your wildest dreams. What you can achieve, what you can overcome and what you can accept. 

Are you ready to finally make the shifts, the changes in your life that will bring you closer to your goals and dreams?

Ultimate Training & Coaching

It's time for you to make those changes and achieve the goals and dreams that have eluded you for so long. 

This exceptional blend of coaching and training will include a discovery session exploring where you are in your life and where you want to go. Your goals will be held in the forefront  for you as we navigate the program ensuring that everything we explore ties right back to what you want to accomplish.

Three training sessions will be delivered online providing you with practical tools to help move you forward. Topics will be relevant to your desired outcome.

In between training the one-on-one coaching calls will deepen the learning by making it personal. 

All program materials will be included to help you work through the deliverables. E-mail access will be available for accountability and questions in between sessions. You will be given access to any bonus materials along with discounts to upcoming events.
  • 3 x 60 Minute Web Trainings 
  • 6 x 30 Minute Coaching Sessions*
  •  Workbooks, Worksheets & Homework
  •  E-mail access in between sessions.
  •  Bonus Materials as needed such as video training & podcasts. 
  • Deeply discounted tickets to any live events.   
*Sessions scheduled bi-weekly over 2 months.

Investment: $799.00 

Personal Life Coaching

This is life coaching in it's pure form. We will work together to discover how you can achieve your deepest desires. 

Life coaching is all about you, and the fact that you have everything you need to succeed at living the life you crave. You will be guided, championed and held accountable through deep questions and honest insights.

Workbooks and homework will be assigned based on what is relevant to your personal goals and needs. 

Access through e-mail in-between sessions to create accountability and room for questions.
  • 1 x 60 Minute Discovery Session* 
  • 3 x 30 Minute Coaching Sessions* Workbooks & Materials 
  • E-mail access in between sessions. Worksheets & Homework 
*Sessions scheduled bi-weekly over 2 months.

Investment: $399.00 

Positive Breakthrough


Do you feel STUCK in your daily struggles and stresses?

POSITIVE BREAKTHROUGH COACHING is designed to help you FEEL MORE CONTENT and FOCUSED on what is possible and what you WANT moving forward.

Life brings with it many challenges, as much as we say IT IS HOW WE REACT, we first need to acknowledge the struggles before we can move forward.

POSITIVE BREAKTHROUGH means that you will move beyond the story that you are stuck in. You can rewrite the next chapter any day.

You will be amazed how far we can go in only THIRTY MINUTES. 
  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about what you want in life.
  • Feel CONFIDENT that you can achieve your goals.
  • Relevant TOOLS to help
  • Follow up e-mail access & accountability
  • Easy online booking process through link below.
  • VALUE $100
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