The Law of Attraction Retreat

Positive Coach

Women's Coaching & Training Program

"What do you plan to do with your one, precious life?"

You know that feeling you have when you are with your girlfriends and they ‘get you’? It is a sense of belonging and feeling safe enough to relax and BE YOU! 

Friendships are an extremely important element of living a positive, content and healthy life for both men and women.

  • One of the most exciting areas of my work is when I run my women’s retreat days. They hold a special place in my heart for a few reasons:  
  • I love interacting in a group setting. In my past as a facilitator, speaker, Weight Watchers leader and Zumba Fitness Instructor, I have found there is a special energy when people come together for common goals.
  •  When I create a container of safety in the program where my participants begin to share their stories and their life experiences, it creates a richer experience for everyone. It feels like they have known each other for years. Great connections and friendships are a wonderful side benefit of my programs.
  •  Women, in a group, sharing their stories are amazing at supporting and empathizing with each other. We can feel so terribly alone in our struggles, it is a comfort to share and feel connected at that level. This is where friendships come from, when we say… “Oh, you too?” 

Be Positive, Be Grateful & Be You!

I am taking my women’s one-day retreat to a whole new level by integrating several of my amazing program offerings into a full, comprehensive, empowering and life-changing day for you.

BE POSITIVE: “If you think you can or think you can’t, your right” ~ Henry Ford

In this segment of the workshop you will learn how your thoughts, feelings and energy impact all areas of your life. 

In order to re-create our lives and find more meaning, more contentment and more joy we need to become very clear about what we want. You will learn how to drill down into any area in your life and create clarity around what you want moving forward.

Knowing what we want in our lives is a great gift however; we need to now focus on what we want. Life can get busy and distracting. You will learn to maintain a positive focus on your career, life and relationship goals so that you can gain some traction towards what you want.

The last and most important step is developing belief around your goals and dreams. The only thing that stops us from having what we want in our lives is doubt. You will learn solid tools and techniques to help you remove doubt around the important areas in our life. Removing doubt opens up the gateway to allow all that you crave into your experience.

BE GRATEFUL: “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."

Is it possible to be truly grateful when we feel lonely, stuck or just generally unhappy? 

In this amazing and transformational program you will earn to use gratitude to let go of the past, find peace and joy in the present and bring more beauty to your future.

Through training and coaching exercises you will be guided to:

Look back into your past life experiences to find gratitude in lessons learned. See the gift even the most difficult experiences have given you so that you can let go of regret, resentment and unhappy memories enough to move forward with more contentment and less pain. 

Sit in amongst your present life and peek around into all corners; work, relationships, health and money. You will create a deeper awareness of the beauty you are experiencing every day and be able to forgive, let go of and move away from areas where you are experiencing negative feelings.

Your future is yours to define. You will learn tools to help you feel more confident about whom you are and what is possible for you moving forward. Beyond that, you will bring that beautiful energy with you as you navigate your life and touch others around you.  

BE YOU: “Be you, everyone else is taken.”

What truly sets my training programs apart is my ability to “dance in the moment” with you. In other words, I will bring lessons, ideas and inspiration into the program, in the moment that they are relevant. 

As a life coach, I listen at a very deep level to what is truly being said in the room. When I find a theme coming up I will pull a tool out of my “tool box” that will benefit the whole group.

The intention is to help you develop a stronger self-awareness of what holds you back from embracing change. Those can be your limiting beliefs, personal values or emotions.

This is where the material becomes YOURS, to use in your individual life experience.
  • Saturday, June 18th
  • 9:00AM - 4:00PM
  • Vidya Wellness & Yoga Centre 
  • 238 Barrie Street, Thornton, ON
  • Invest: $149.00
  • (Includes Gourmet Lunch)
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