Training & Coaching with Louise Aspden


What do you need to know about "The Positive Coach"?

Most likely you want to know what my qualifications are so here is the laundry list of applicable education and training:
  • CTI Trained Co-Active Life Coach
  • EI360 - Emotional Intelligence Facilitator
  • Former Weight Watchers Program Leader
  • Former Zumba® Fitness Instructor
  • moHost at momondays Barrie
The CTI program is one of the finest in the world. The extensive training I received changed my life and has also helped me do so for hundreds of others over the last ten years. The Co-Active Coaching model is one that holds our client as "Creative, Resourceful & Whole". In other words, we see, hear and illuminate your amazing abilities, talents and strengths.
I have been privileged to work with the amazing team at IHHP where I was immersed in Emotional Intelligence and it's application in the executive training world. I was involved in many facets of the growing organization where I was trained and mentored by the best in the industry of both facilitation and coaching.

My work with Weight Watchers helped me blend my facilitating and coaching skills into helping people achieve their weight loss goals. Losing weight can be a tough, emotional journey. I loved providing guidance and inspiration to the members along their journey.
What in the world would Zumba® Fitness have to do with coaching? I became an instructor because I saw a need to create a class where people (like the ones I worked with at Weight Watchers) would feel safe, un-judged and accomplished. What I learned was this is not only about fitness, but also about inspiring people to get healthy, move more, feel good and laugh! 

As the current moHost at momondays Barrie I get to showcase some of the most amazing, brilliant, unique, talented and REAL people in the area. Join me each month when I bring in speakers and storytellers blended with music and fun. Learn more or get your tickets at
Helping others become healthy and happy is a driving force within me. I feel grateful and privileged to turn my passion to help people into my life's work.
The clients who have worked with me have all increased their levels of emotional health, happiness and success at home and work. That means more to me than you can imagine. My wish is for you to have the same experience.
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